Quality of Service: Striking the Right Balance


The Navy’s mandate is to be where it matters and be ready when it matters. We can only do this because of you. We have the finest Navy in the world because of the quality and dedication of our Sailors and Civilians— the men and women who pledge to support and defend the Constitution and carry out Navy’s mission. To remain the finest Navy in the world, we must provide a “Quality of Service” balancing your compensation and working environment needs and goals.

U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Abe McNatt/ReleasedLast year marked the 40th anniversary of our All Volunteer Force. In 1973, we eliminated the draft, fundamentally changing how we recruit and retain our force. In the following decades we improved pay and benefits like housing allowances, childcare and education opportunities to attract and retain a quality force. We focused on “Quality of Life” factors: pay, leave, education opportunities, time at home, access to quality health care, and a sense of financial security. Today, through a myriad of sources, we find, in general, our Sailors and Families are pleased with their overall Quality of Life. But this is not the whole story.

U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Karl Anderson/ReleasedYour “Quality of Work,” in other words job satisfaction, work enjoyment and a sense of pride in your accomplishments, also matter. Quality of Work means we have to provide you the resources and time to train, as well as enough manpower and the right leadership to get the mission done. Quality of Work means having the proper tools to do maintenance as well as access to shipyards and depots for scheduled overhauls. We all want to succeed– pass the inspection, demonstrate warfighting prowess, deploy and, ultimately, execute the mission for which we prepared so rigorously. This is not about putting platforms, materiel readiness and technology above our people; it’s about balance and ensuring our people have the right tools, the best technology and quality training to do their job. Our success also depends on Quality of Work.

Recently, we’ve made tough choices as Navy’s budget decreased. Last fiscal year, we canceled five deployments, did not procure numerous weapons, were forced to furlough Civilians and deferred important facility renovations and modernization plans. We will continue to look at all areas to help control costs and balance our overall budget so we can continue to meet our Nation’s needs. In doing so, we know we must strike the right balance between Quality of Life and Quality of Work to achieve your best Quality of Service.

I owe it to our Navy (and our Country) to man, train and equip our Sailors and Civilians so they can get the job done safely, confidently and effectively. You joined the Navy to make a difference for yourself, your family and your Country; you deserve a Quality of Service that attracts, develops, compensates and retains a highly skilled force. We will continue our missions with ready Sailors, Civilians and their Families who remain the source of the Navy’s warfighting capability. We will continue an over two-century tradition of warfighting excellence, adaptation and resilience. Above all, our actions will continue to be guided by our commitment to the Nation and to each other as part of one Navy team.


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  • Bach

    Thank you sir! I love Quality of Work!