Budget, Moving Forward

Hello Shipmates,

Since beginning of the year we all watched our nation’s financial matters impact the way we do business. Last week, the President signed a Defense appropriations bill which provides funding for the federal government for the rest of FY13. This legislation restores our operation and maintenance funds and grants us much needed flexibility to rebalance our finances.  Sequestration is still in place, but overall our budget shortfall is only about half of what we originally anticipated.

The Situation: With this bill in action now we can proceed with caution. We will carefully evaluate what we can afford to keep, prioritize funding our most important operations, and restore our investment accounts.

Budget Priorities: We will now assess how we want to rebalance. Our priorities will be funding reimbursables, reconciling our FY13 operations, preparing to meet our FY14 plans, and restoring required base operations and routine maintenance.

Sailors, Civilians and Families: So, what does that mean for you as member of the Navy team?  Civilians will be furloughed for 14 days, a decrease from the original plan of 22. SECNAV and I are working with DoD through this process and we will try to keep the furloughs as low as feasible.  For our Sailors, since our manning has been stable, your pay, retirement and PCS moves…

Shipmates, we’re going to operationalize our way through this with the Fleet.  We’re going to do the right thing, the right operations, in a deliberate manner to get 2013 where we need to be and prioritize for FY14. As always, I want you focused on the three tenets: Warfighting First, Operate Forward and Be Ready. And we’ll work on the budget back here.

Thank you for your patience, professionalism and for your service. You’re getting the job done, continue the great work!


Admiral, U.S. Navy

*If you are unable to view youtube.com from your station, this video is also available at: http://www.navy.mil/viewVideo.asp?id=18268

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