Kicking Off 2013

Happy New Year Shipmates,

We’ve got a lot to look forward to in the New Year. But first I want to thank you for all of your hard work and sacrifice last year.   I hope you were able to get some rest and spend time with family and friends.  For those of you that were deployed I want to thank you for what you did over the holiday season and throughout the year.  

As we start the New Year I would like to share some thoughts in the three videos below. First my new year’s resolution: It is to make sure we’re taking care of our people. The men and women of the Navy are what makes us great, and people are our most valuable asset.

Wellness, Trust and Care:  The Navy is dependent upon people and trust. Take care of yourself; take care of your shipmates. In order to be successful we have to trust one another when we’re operating on, above or under the sea. We need to treat each other with dignity, respect and care.

Budget:  There’s a lot of discussion on the budget and how it will affect the Navy.  For those in the Fleet, I don’t want you worry — if you are in uniform your pay and benefits will not be affected.  It will mean that we need to review non-critical operations. I’m serious about protecting the programs that help you and your families.


So Happy New Year. I want to thank you again for your service and your sacrifice. Let’s keep moving forward and let’s have a great year.  Thank you.

Admiral, U.S. Navy



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  • Scott Gladden

    CPO 365. really?

  • Xivabg

    Was ERB really necessary? Since the budget is still the same from 2012.

  • Irelandoverton

    I understand you’re a very busy man & may not have the spare time to read every posting you receive. But, if you do happen upon this, after reading your statement titled: “Wellness, Trust and Care”, I was moved to respond.

    My husband & I were both Naval Corpsman, as well as my brother who served as a Navy Seal for 20 yrs.- only to return to work with the Seals as civilian personnel. We all found your finely summarized words encompass both the truth & necessary reality that ALL military personnel must live by. We all deeply believe in as well as strive to live up to this credo always.

    Thank you for re-enforcing these beliefs that are truly vital in both military & in civilian life. For it is necessary to take care of & equally trust in those we serve with, live amongst, as well as ourselves. In doing our duties, we must always demonstrate our inner strength by acting in accordance with the beliefs we pledged to uphold- regardless of criticism. & aspire to the higher purpose we’re called upon to pursue- protect & defend our strong & duly proud country as well as endangered countries outside of our borders with people’s whose struggles we bravely join to fight with honor, courage, & commitment. Bravo Zulu, Admiral Greenerst. & may God protect you & yours as you do for all the many Sailors who serve under your leadership & command.