Happy 237th Birthday Marine Corps


From the United States Navy to the United States Marine Corps:  happy 237th birthday! 

Each year, on the 10th of November, all members of the sea services look back on a tradition of joint warfighting as old as our nation itself.  the Navy-Marine Corps partnership is stronger than ever and remains a constant and vital part of our national security.  Over the past year we have been reinvigorating Navy-Marine Corps amphibious skills during real world operations and exercises such as Bold Alligator. Looking ahead, we will continue to build upon these operations and develop strategies and capabilities of sea control and power projection.

I join Sailors around the world in saluting our primary partner. We will always remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice:  it is upon their shoulders and countless other brave Marines that the proud legacy of the Marine Corps has been built.

The Marine Corps motto says it all, “Semper Fi.”  The Navy is grateful and honored to serve beside you.  Happy 237th birthday to you, and to your families.

Admiral, U.S. Navy

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  • Felmaceda

    Happy Birthday Anniversary! More power!