CNO’s Logbook


I want to draw your attention to a “New Link” on my leadership webpage titled, “CNO’s Logbook.” This week, articles that we’ve recently written and published in media journals – are available through this “Logbook” button and new page. I will have more articles as they become available. These articles will cover a variety of topics. Some will be from publications, some will be interviews, and others may be unpublished documents that I think are important to our Navy. My goal is to keep you informed and help educate folks on what the Navy and our Sailors are doing. I believe these articles will help communicate and explain our Navy’s course and speed, and what we should expect.

This Logbook will be a point of reference throughout my watch – and through my facebook page I will periodically point you here when something new arrives.

I’d like us all to get a good understanding of how our Navy fits into our nation’s defense, and the international maritime environment. Please visit my leadership page at or click on this link to see view these articles. Thank you.


Admiral, U.S. Navy

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