Budget Update

Hello Shipmates.

We’re starting an important phase in our defense budget cycle. Our defense budget was delivered to Congress in mid-February and I’d like to take a moment to discuss how it will impact you and our Navy. Through the video clips below, I talk about places visited, and then address questions you have brought up about Enlisted Retention Boards (ERB), pay raises and benefits, and the future of our fleet.

The first clip is about ERB; that we don’t expect another in fiscal years 2013 and 2014:

YouTube DoDLive

In the next clip, I discuss the budget. Our budget for fiscal year 2013 is in line with our new defense strategy and my Sailing Directions. We made some tough choices and although our Navy will get smaller by a few ships initially, we’ll be back up to size in a few years. We remain agile, flexible and formidable:

YouTube DoDLive

The final clip takes the budget discussion a little closer to home: pay and benefits. I’m very confident the personnel portion of our budget supports our Sailors and families the way they deserve to be supported. Our FY2013 budget includes a 1.7-percent pay raise for our Sailors. This will keep your buying power on par with the private sector. We protected the G.I. Bill, family readiness programs, sexual assault programs and operational stress programs to ensure the continued support of our Sailors and families:

YouTube DoDLive

Thanks for tuning in and thank you all for what you do. I am always impressed with the caliber of the men and women in our Navy. I look forward to seeing you all in the fleet.


Admiral, U.S. Navy

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  • ImGuest

    Admiral, I think you have all the qualities to be a politician..you should try for that you konw… they give good pensions..not that the one you’ll get from the military is not good…

  • Gary_f_hart

    What about retired pay raises,none in 4 years.

    • Doug

      Gary, Us in the retired military did get a pay raise on our retired pay..It was only 2 yrs that we did not, not 4.

  • Doug

    The Pentagon is not friendly to military retiree’s…We kept our committment, Now DOD wants to charge us more fee’s for the very benefits we earned by volunteering reenlistment after reenlistment, deployment, all the missed time with families, and all the inspection, op-tempo, etc..
    Now we are no better than private companies who strip retirement benefits from those employees who never served and have no idea as to what it means..
    How can any military officer agree to any cuts to benefits, or ask for higher fees to benefits that were earned..
    Guess the hollow force of the Carter years are forgotten…